The Janus Bundle

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As part of our upcoming Janus Seminar, we are pleased to offer a special discount on The Janus Bundle, comprising “What is Singapore’s Next Big Thing?” and “What should we never forget?”, the first two volumes of The Birthday Book. Like the two-headed Roman deity Janus, the books combine to examine both past and future, and provide hindsight, foresight and insight.

What is Singapore’s Next Big Thing? What should we never forget? What is your response?

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More about The Janus Seminar

Learning from the Past, Shaping the Future 

Like the Roman deity, with one head looking to the past and one to the future, this seminar is for those keen to understand what lies ahead for Singapore – by appreciating the history that has shaped us. This is particularly critical as we mark the 200th year since Raffles and the East India Company formally established an entrepôt port in Singapore, and contemplate how this occasion interweaves with other important dimensions of our history.

The seminar takes a multidisciplinary approach to both the past and the future – examining diverse aspects like data & technology, arts & culture, our natural heritage and how they are all confluences in the overall narratives that shape Singapore’s identity. It will be of interest to General Paper students and teachers; policy enthusiasts; those interested in multi-disciplinary thinking; and of course curious members of the public!


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