The Birthday Book (Junior): The Roads We Take (Pay It Forward)


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This is a special option for those who wish to contribute to our Pay It Forward (PIF) initiative! 🙂

The PIF initiative allows friends of the Collective to sponsor books for educational, charity or non-profit organisations to use in their programmes.

Note that books purchased under this option ($15 per book) will not be shipped to you. They will be supplied to various educational, charity or non-profit organisations in the year ahead. 🙂

Feel free to reach out to us anytime at thebirthdaycollective [at] gmail [dot] com to find out how you can partner us further in this endeavour.

The Birthday Book was started in 2016 to gather stories about Singapore’s future – and who better to start telling those stories than young Singaporeans who will BE that future? In 2018, we invited 54 little superstars to pen their thoughts to this year’s prompt: The Roads We Take, and compiled them into The Birthday Book (Junior) 2018: The Roads We Take.

These contributors aged 6 to 12 tackle big topics like coping with death of a loved one, moving between countries, the power of music, personal stories on living with a disability and illnesses. Some have written, some have drawn, some have explored other wonderfully creative formats. Their stories, in all their forms, will make you smile, laugh, cry and most of all have deep hope for our future.

P/S: For those who are wondering why we have one more contributor in our junior edition than the senior one, we do so to symbolically remind us of the importance of listening to more young voices like these for they truly are the future.


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