Covid 19 is the crisis that took the world by surprise. As governments around the world respond, what is not always clearly captured are the voices of individuals who find themselves directly or indirectly affected by this crisis. From the medical workers who are at the frontline battling the disease, the Olympian who finds her plans to represent Singapore suddenly disrupted, the hawker who worries how will livelihoods be met, or to the family who is providing shelter to our displaced Malaysian friends – these are their stories that bear witness to a crisis which affects us all. 

For each person, we have asked “How are you coping?”, “What’s keeping you going during this time?”, “What are you thankful for?”, “What are you hopeful for?”, and “How was it like at first, and how has that experience changed over time?”.

This is a crisis that continues to unfold. But as far as the strength of human resilience has shown throughout history, it is something that can be overcome.