Hear Me Out

People give up when there is nothing to return to even if they keep their lives.

Mortality is not measured by the minutes by which we breathe … but by the moments in which we experience Life.

Love, the smell of rain before a downpour, the touch of another’s skin; the body also remembers.

And there is nothing more intimate to all these … than the simple act of elevating a basic need, into a social joy. The act of sustenance.

We have spoken about the necessary sacrifice a lot, it’s time we pay attention to – to the very things we want to be alive for.

Why walk out, disease free (at least in the physical sense) and not even find that old seat at your favorite pub? ‘

A multi-disciplinary, Kenny Png has helmed films such as National Geographic’s groundbreaking pilot series, “China From Above”, “Chineseness” (Discovery Channel), “Art Of Craft”( CCTV9), and even Singapore’s first MasterChef. He was a founding member of post-rock darlings, In Each Hand a Cutlass, and has scored music for stage plays and indie films alike. Kenny releases gothic darkwave music as One White Raven and is the co-author of, “On Happiness” (Math Paper Press) and “Requiem for the Factory” (Deleres Press).

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