The Birthday Book (Junior): Stories We Must Tell (2019)

edited by Julia Chiang and Cherie Tseng


What stories do our juniors have to share with us? In 2019, we invited another 55 little superstars to pen their thoughts to this year’s prompt: Stories We Must Tell. IN these pages are harrowing stories of battle and the quest for survival, heart-warming doggy tales and even mini memoir-esq pieces that will inspire, surprise, thrill and ultimately fill you with a deep sense of hope about the future.

The Birthday Book (Junior): The Roads We Take (2018)

edited by Cherie Tseng and Wu Jiezhen


The Birthday Book was started in 2016 to gather stories about Singapore’s future – and who better to start telling those stories than young Singaporeans who will BE that future?

In 2018, we invited 54 little superstars to pen their thoughts to this year’s prompt: The Roads We Take, and compiled them into The Birthday Book (Junior) 2018: The Roads We Take.

These contributors aged 6 to 12 tackle big topics like coping with death of a loved one, moving between countries, the power of music, personal stories on living with a disability and illnesses. Some have written, some have drawn, some have explored other wonderfully creative formats. Their stories, in all their forms, will make you smile, laugh, cry and most of all have deep hope for our future.